They aren't well known, they are world-famous peaches and almost anyone who has tasted one says they are the best in the world. I'm talking about Palisade peaches and people honestly travel hundreds of miles to pick peaches because they truly are that good.

The town of Palisade is absolutely beautiful and you can find much more than just peaches at the fruit stands around town, you can also find pears, apples, apricots, cherries, and grapes. It really is the fruit basket of Colorado but everyone knows Palisade for the peaches.

The perfect peach is ripe, sweet and loaded with juice that just might end up rolling down your chin or possibly land on your shirt. Lots of other peaches have a more dry and tart flavor but not Palisade peaches.

When you and the family decide to pick peaches you're going to run across two types of peaches "cling" and "freestone" this has to do with the peach pit itself. The "cling" peaches will stick to the pit and "freestone" aren't attached as securely. Freestone peaches are larger, juicier, sweeter, and what everyone is looking for in a perfect peach.

The harvesting season for Palisade peaches runs from late June through October 1st.  And typically late July to early August is when you see the peaches go from "cling" to "freestone". But don't be shocked if all the peaches are starting to disappear by the middle of September.

The Palisade Peach Festival is taking place Thursday, August 13th through the 16th at Riverbend Park (451 Pendleton St. in Palisade) with live music, peach culinary demonstrations from chefs, various eating contests, and lots of peach samplings. Just make sure you have room in your car to take a box of peaches home with you.

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