St. Patrick's Day isn't the only day the Irish revel with a great deal of beer drinking. In fact, only one other country in the world consumes more beer than Ireland.

It seems the Irish have a beer drinking tradition topped only by the Germans.

In a study published by Beer Info, the US came in 13th in the list of Top 25 Beer Drinking Countries.

While there are 36.3 million people in the US who claim Irish Ancestry - more than eight times the population of Ireland - Americans lag far behind behind when it comes to beer drinking.

Here's how we stack up compared to the countries who consume the most beer. Note: The measurement is in annual pints per capita for each country.

  1. Germany - 312.4
  2. Ireland - 292.3
  3. Czech Republic - 291.8
  4. Australia - 251.9
  5. Austria - 224.6
  6. United Kingdom - 204.6
  7. Belgium - 196.5
  8. Denmark - 190.0
  9. Finland - 179.6
  10. Luxembourg - 178.4

The US placed 13th on the list consuming 172.4 pints of beer per capita which equates to a lot of beer, but nowhere near Germany and Ireland which seemingly live for a great brew.


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