Look around Grand Junction and you'll see plenty of reds and oranges. When was it, though, that almost everything in Grand Junction turned bright pink?

Walking around with my dumb-phone these last few weeks, I've photographed an inordinate number of occurrences of the color pink. No, I haven't been hanging around the cocktail dress section at the clothing store at the mall. I'm talking about the natural terrain.

I was born in this town, and I don't remember seeing the Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa glowing bright pink. If this were Mars, where the sky is pink during the daytime, I wouldn't give it a second thought. Being this isn't Mars, though, I'm not used to the mountains appearing to be quite this shade.

There is, of course, the matter of the scattering effect, and the variations in color that occur at certain times of the day. That topic was pretty tedious back in the college physics day, and isn't likely to become more fascinating anytime soon.

Short answer - the time of year, combined with the Earth's angle to the sun, combined with the regions mineral composition, is making for some truly enjoyable, and very pink, sunsets. Maybe this year is no different than others, and I simply didn't notice.

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