Thanksgiving is, obviously, a time to give thanks, so do yourself a favor and try not to say these words. Everyone will thank you for it.

When you sit down for dinner this year, there are some subjects that should remain as far from the table as a pepperoni pizza. Whether polarizing, uninteresting or potentially shameful, these are the sentences, phrases and questions that you'd be wise to not let slip past your lips.

“My fantasy football team...”

Thanksgiving and football go together like Thanksgiving and turkey, with a trio of NFL games set to be played. While it’s okay to discuss the team you root for, don’t discuss your fantasy team. No one cares that your running backs stink or you made a great trade. No one.

“I’m going to have to hit the gym tomorrow.”

Guess what? Everyone’s diet is put on pause on Thanksgiving. We don’t want to hear about how that piece of pecan pie means you’re going to have to get back to the gym the next day. We’re all eating a lot.

“So…what do you think about Donald Trump?”

If the name “Donald Trump” comes out of your mouth, words like “electoral college,” “alt-right” and “popular vote" are sure to follow and very rarely does that end with everyone holding hands singing "Kumbaya."

“This turkey is dry.”

If you want to be blackballed by the family for having the audacity to question Grandma’s culinary skills, by all means, say this. It may be true, but come on, she worked hard on it for you. You can think it, but don’t say it.

“What stores are you hitting on Black Friday?”

This is dangerous territory because it will inevitably lead to the “Can you believe stores open at 4 a.m.?” discussion and how people act like maniacs in the name of saving 80%. This conversation has been going on at houses around the country for decades. Bringing it up is as redundant as continually offering leftovers to take home.

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