While on vacation in Nashville I had the opportunity to chat with some guys that performed what's got to be the scariest job in ANY city. Can you guess what it is?

While wandering our way to the Tennessee State capitol I heard a strange sound coming from one of the buildings.

It took me a second to figure out what it was until I realized it was water splashing down from above.

You guessed it, window washers!

Mack Dodge

As you can see their almost done with the job for today . . . and in this shot are only a few stories up, but they started from the top!

Mack Dodge

Of course I couldn't pass up a chance to chat with these crazy guys, so I asked them;

What's the FUNNEST part of your job?

They immediately showed me by kicking out and swinging 50' away from the building! My phone was dead at this point and wouldn't record a video, but believe me when I said, CRAZY!

What's the MOST dangerous part of your job?

Then they proceeded to tell me about the winds, which might be a small breeze on the ground, but are GUSTS when you get a few floors up. Gusts SO strong as a matter of fact that they can blow you around the corner of the building and slam you against the wall!

That's why window washer gets the scariest job in any city in my book.

What about you? Do you have a scary job to suggest? Post your feedback in the comment section below!