Apparently being a body broker is a real job and is actually legal in Colorado. Which means, it's totally legal to sell body parts in Colorado.

The whole "selling body parts" thing is something I stumbled upon in an article about a funeral home in Montrose. Yes, a "body broker" is a real job and yes, you can do it in Colorado. And no license is required. A body broker is exactly what it sounds like:

A firm or an individual that buys and sells cadavers or human body parts.

Body brokers usually get their "product" through donations. The whole organ transplant market is extremely regulated, but body brokering -- not so much. The only stipulation is that the parts are to be used for research.

You might be wondering how much body brokers make, I know I am. A body broker made about $40,000 -- in one month. That's a month's worth for a body broker, and here's what we're worth:

  • Torso - $1000
  • Pelvis with upper legs - $1,200
  • Head - $500
  • Knee - $250
  • Foot - $125

Remember when your parents would tell you that you're priceless? Well, you're actually not priceless. You're worth around $4,200. That kind of hurts, doesn't it? I thought I'd be worth more.

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