We know that smoking causes cancer in humans and is responsible for literally thousands of premature deaths every year, and now we are learning that smoking is likely doing great  harm to our pets. Here's what yo can do to help our pet stay cancer free.

According to thetruth.com. dogs and cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes, and is appealing to the younger generation to end tobacco use for good -- for their own good, and for the health of their pets.During this year's Grammy Awards telecast, a commercial aired proclaiming "Be the generation that ends smoking." The "Finish It' campaign was started in 2014.

The strategy to target  young people makes sense in light of a recent survey which revealed young pet owners are quite seriously dedicated to the health and welfare of their pets. And, the truth says teen smoking is down to just 7%, so the time seems right to make a move.

In the nationwide survey of 15-21 year-olds, 25% admitted to taking a day off from work to care for a sick pet. These pet owners also say they visit the vet with their pets at least as often as they see their own doctor. The younger generation does seem to be obsessed with their pets.

All of us have lost friends and loved ones to cancer, quite often due to cigarette smoke. Most of us also know people who have lost pets to a disease like cancer. Sometimes it just happens for no particular reason. But, sometimes it may actually be a product of second hand smoke and tobacco.

On March 1, Petco stores nationwide, including the Grand Junction location, will be giving out free "Finish It" pet collar charms, along with information and tips on protecting pets from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Petco says if you do smoke, you can help your pets stay healthy by regularly bathing them, washing their bedding, go to the vet for regular wellness checks, and dispose of cigarette buts properly.

Sure, we love or pets, but our society needs to take the health of our pets more seriously. Dogs and cats have enough health concerns of their own, without the added risk brought on by second hand smoke. My vote goes to "Finish It."