When someone told me they like doing 'burpees,' I thought it involved some kind of gastric response to chugging a Slurpee from 7-Eleven. As it turns out, a 'burpee' is an exercise, and it will, in fact, kick your butt.

At a glance, the exercise doesn't look like much. Try doing one. My advice: find a room where you are completely isolated. When performing this exercise, one can become a little self conscious.

Yeah, the exercise looks pretty cool when it's a young woman in great shape doing the demo. Check it out again when it's a 44-year-old guy packing an extra 30 pounds. Slight difference. While the instructor recommends using a room with mirrors so you can check your form, I recommend avoiding mirrors, so you can keep you self esteem in tact.

A set of ten burpees is plenty. After a little rest, and a mild heart attack, you can follow with another set of ten. Enjoy.