People love it or hate it, there is no middle ground when it comes to green bean casserole. It is truly yummy delicious or it is completely gross and disgusting.

Millions of Americans will enjoy green bean casserole on Thanksgiving Day.

Millions of Americans will be eating green bean casserole on Thanksgiving Day, the actual enjoyment level of that consumption is very much in doubt.

Green beans are good. Green bean casserole is just wrong.

To combine green beans with a travesty such as cream of mushroom soup is an outrage. Then, to top that casserole with crunchy onions, and further confuse the consumer's taste buds should simply be illegal.

It is absolutely shocking to me that 30 million green bean casseroles will be served on Thanksgiving. 30 million! Is that really necessary? Can't it just be plain ole' green beans? Why are we so compelled to turn this Thanksgiving staple into a casserole?

What is equally shocking to me, according to, Colorado is in the top 10 of states that love green bean casserole.

The survey indicates 71% of Colorado residents love green bean casserole

Really?? Seriously? Who are these people?

By the way, Kentucky is the state where green bean casserole is most popular. 78% of its residents think the green stuff is wonderful. Why am I not surprised?

So, I remain skeptical about the popularity of green bean casserole. Is it really so yummy delicious that it needs to be on the Thanksgiving dinner table? Or is it a completely disgusting concoction sold to us by the green bean growers of America.

Am I the only person in America who finds this creation revolting.

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