Things have been quiet lately at the Grand River Human Society's Save A Pet Thrift Store in Orchard Mesa. Have they shut down until the COVID-19 crisis subsides?

The Save A Pet store at 2651 Highway 50 went quiet back in March, the same time almost every other business closed down. As of June 19, the lights are still off and the parking lot is empty. Why haven't they reopened?

I drive past this store several times a day, so I started to get concerned. Upon closer examination, it appears the store is closed permanently. You'll spot this sign displayed in the east door.

Save a Pet Store Orchard Mesa closed sign
Waylon Jordan

The following statement was posted on the Grand Rivers Humane Save A Pet Thrift Store Facebook page:


Dear faithful customers, donators, volunteers, supporters, and friends,

Our beloved Grand Rivers Humane Save a Pet Thrift Store is permanently closed, due to COVID restrictions we are not able to have a big sale as had hoped. We are giving the contents of our Thrift Store to a few local nonprofits.

The Grand Rivers Humane Board would like to thank you for your many years of support!

What about the homeless pets provided for by the thrift store? The Facebook page addressed that topic with the following:

Grand Rivers Humane's mission to save Grand Valley homeless pets is NOT going away - looking forward we will be able to focus 100% on saving a homeless dog and cat lives.

Over the years this store has been a valuable asset to Orchard Mesa and the rest of the valley. During my move last September, I dropped off several items for donation. The location was convenient, and I'm a huge supporter of the local animal shelters.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Save A Pet store. The marquee in front posted updates as to the number of animals saved by the proceeds from the store. I can't recall the final posting, but I believe the number of saved animals was somewhere over 5,000. This place will be sorely missed.

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