Looking for a job anywhere in this economy can be tough, but recent data suggests a person can actually fare worse than average in their ability to join the workforce in specific cities across America.

But exactly where are the worst places to look for work? To find out, the people at CareerBliss spent some time calculating figures based on unemployment rates and job availability to ultimately determine the worst places in the country to find a job.

What they found was that while it might be a lot of fun to gamble in Reno, Nevada, don’t bet on finding work there, as the Biggest Little City in the World is officially the worst place to try to find a job, followed by Boulder, Colorado, and Wichita, Kansas.

Below are the 10 worst areas to look for a job; for the full list click here.

Worst Places In America to Find a Job

1. Reno, Nevada

2. Boulder, Colorado

3. Wichita, Kansas

4. Greensboro, North Carolina

5. Birmingham, Alabama

6. El Paso, Texas

7. Lafayette, Indiana

8. Greenville, South Carolina

9. Augusta, Georgia

10. Oklahoma City

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