Where will you find Western Colorado's best omelette? People rushed to the polls to cast their votes, and the results are in.

What started out as a short list of about ten restaurants rapidly escalated into a list of 24 local eateries. To be clear, the poll asked: "which Western Colorado restaurant offers the best omelette." Answers such as "my mom" were not considered.

The polls are now closed, and the winner for Western Colorado's Best Omelette is.... wait for it.......... waits for it.............

The winner, coming in with 46.4 percent of the vote: Randy's Southside Diner - Orchard Mesa location! In the second place, Las Marias with 23.24 percent of the vote.

Western Colorado Best Omelette

Kudos to our champion. Sorry, there is no prize to be awarded. You simply get to enjoy the knowledge you create Western Colorado's favorite omelette.

Congratulation to Randy and the crew at the Orchard Mesa location of Randy's Southside Diner. The next time you find yourself enjoying a lazy morning and looking for breakfast, check out the results of the survey and enjoy a magnificent omelette.

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