Over the weekend the popular restaurant and music venue Warehouse 25 Sixty-Five decided to close their doors for at least three days after finding out that past employees and customers tested positive for COVID-19. The information was posted on their Facebook page saying they will be closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as they are trying to be as safe as possible.

The details on the Mesa County Public Health report states that in total it was 5 cases within this outbreak, you can see that information here.

The decision to close their doors was not required but the owners and management wanted to do what was in the best interest of their customers, employees, and the community.

Also posted on social media was the mention that Warehouse 25 Sixty-Five has teamed up with Bio-One a local company that did a professional decontamination of the building.

This is not the first Grand Junction restaurant that has closed their doors after having an employee test positive as Bin 707, TacoParty, and Bin Burger all did the same thing just weeks ago.

When the details were released over the weekend it was met with both positive and negative reactions online. Some local residents really appreciating the fact that management is shutting down out of safety for others, while some weren't happy with how busy the establishment has been lately.

We are wishing nothing but the best to those who tested positive for COVID-19, and hopefully, you have a quick recovery. Here was the exact post that was made on social media over the weekend by Warehouse 25 Sixty-Five.


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