This guy in the Jeep thought he'd try to cross the Delores River and quickly learned it wasn't a good idea.

Take the Jeep, put it in the river and cross it, right? I mean, after all, it's a Jeep! How hard could it be to just cross a river?

Apparently, pretty hard. Take a look at the video. At first, it seems as though they got it, making their way across the river pretty well.

Right up until the end. The video, shot by some folks who were camping out by the river, this Jeep just kind of showed up and took the plunge, as it were.

And as the contents of the Jeep began floating down the river, which was moving at about a 1,400 cubic feet per second clip, so, too, did the Jeep. And as the cowboy inside popped his head out, his next question had to be this one:

(NOTE: SOME NSFW language in video)

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