These three moose were spotted frolicking in the snow with each other in Breckenridge. Watch how much they love playing in the snow.

I think it's safe to say these moose are enjoying the snow here in Colorado. This adorable video was captured by someone on a horse-drawn carriage ride in Breckenridge. It looks as if they're riding through a winter wonderland when they come across three moose.

Three moose were spotted frolicking around in the snow in Breckenridge. The bucks stopped from time to time to take turns butting heads. They made sure they all got a turn to play around in the snow before they frolicked away.

You can see a few skiers in the background as they look at the moose in awe. They make sure they're not in the moose's path of play. The moose cross the country road and continue their frolicking through the powdery Breckenridge snow.

This is truly a scene from a winter wonderland, complete with three frolicking snow-loving moose.

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