It sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke: Batman, Captain American and a dinosaur are all shoveling snow.

Only this is no joke. It's real.

With Winter Storm Jonas piling multiple feet of snow on the ground this past weekend, people had to find some way to keep themselves entertained (even those who didn't want to go out for a swim), so they came up with some rather creative get-ups to wear while completing the arduous task of shoveling snow.

First up is the gent who got dressed as Captain America, presumably using his shield to fight off the harsh winds that made visibility a nightmare.

Then, there's Batman, who definitely could've used Robin by his side -- even a superhero could use more manpower when shoveling copious amounts of heavy snow.

And let's not forget this dinosaur, either. If an asteroid killed the real dinosaurs, then snow may spell doom for this faux dinosaur. After all, snow piled up higher than a stegosaurus in some places.

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