It's your favorite person's birthday, an anniversary, or a particular day, and you need flowers. You don't have to go broke because of it! There are many ways to find cheap and sometimes free flowers in Northern Colorado.

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A team of Redditors came together to help one Coloradoan out when they desperately needed flowers but didn't have the funds to make it happen. The Redditor had posted a plea for help on the subreddit r/FortCollins, and within hours, they had received a ton of helpful advice.

So if you're looking for cheap or free flowers in Northern Colorado, don't hesitate to ask for help. Many people in this community are willing to lend a hand.

Want Free and Cheap Flowers in Northern Colorado? This Will Help

It is important to note that picking wildflowers at state parks, national forests, and Bureau of Land Management land is illegal. It is VERY illegal to pick Colorado's state flower, the lavender Columbine Aquilegia.

I recommend researching what flowers you can and can not pick before grabbing flowers.


  • Check out farmer's markets. Farmer's markets are a great place to find fresh, local flowers at a fraction of the cost of florists. 
  • Visit flower trials. Many universities and botanical gardens have flower trials, where they test new varieties of flowers. The harvesting and alterations are done by staff members. These trials are a ton of fun and often open to the public. The Colorado State University Trial Gardens hosts perennial demonstrations where you can walk around and take the perfect picture for Instagram. These trials are free of charge for you to enjoy.
  • Check out community gardens. Many community gardens have flower beds that are open to the public. Community gardens have different rules. Make sure you research each community garden rule before you go.

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