Many restaurants across the Fort Collins area are looking for help, some having to reduce the hours that they are in operation. What puts Colorado at #1 on this list?

Like you, I've seen many 'Now Hiring' signs across the Fort Collins area, some signs even listing the starting hourly wage. The wage has been a big issue with restaurant workers not returning to the workforce since the pandemic shutdowns were lifted.

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An insurer for small businesses, NEXT, conducted some research about the restaurant job market across the country, and Colorado came in not only within the top 10 but at the top of the list.

What does that mean?

It means that based upon Colorado's average hourly wage, the number of jobs in restaurants that are now available per 100.000 people, and the number of jobs that exist in the industry per 100,00 residents, we are the best state to be in.

What is the Average Wage for restaurant workers in Colorado?

$15.07. Which tracks, based only upon what I've seen on signs around Loveland.

How many open jobs are there?

According to the NEXT research, there are 43.5 (you have to love that 'half a job' number) per 100,000 residents. Which comes out to be about 300 jobs in Northern Colorado (based upon nearly 700,000 residents.)

How many total jobs are there?

Again, according to the NEXT research, there are over 3,700 total restaurant jobs (food preparation and serving related positions) per 100,000 residents; equating to nearly 26,000 total 'restaurant' jobs in Northern Colorado.

So, it's not only the jobs available right now at a $15/hour wage, it's about the opportunity for advancement in the industry, that propels the Centennial State to the top.

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