You may have heard of Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, but have you heard about Spouting Rock? Spouting Rock is a short hike away from Hanging Lake and is worth every worth step.

While I was hiking Hanging Lake, a fellow hiker told me I should make sure to check out Spouting Rock while I was there. A short hike later, my coworker and I were blown away by this waterfall I just heard about the first time.

Spouting Rock shows you the power of force over time. All of this water creating this glorious waterfall comes from a very small hole in the rock face, it's amazing. The water has carved some cool, small caverns all around Spouting Rock.

I admired all of the stalactites that are hanging all behind the waterfall and at the top of the spout of Spouting Rock too. It must have taken years and years for those stalactites to develop.

I stood behind the waterfall for a while listening to the peaceful sound of the water flowing and taking in all of its power. No matter how seemingly small something may be, over time its power will show.

Next time you're around the Hanging Lake/Glenwood Springs area, take the time to get your piece of peace at Spouting Rock.

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