Western Slope Honor Flight had the privilege of sending World War II vets from the Grand Valley to Washington DC to visit their memorial. Ten years later, take a look back at three of the five flights to the World War II Memorial.

It's hard to believe, but it's been ten years since the first Honor Flight took off. It was the result of years of fundraising and recruiting volunteers.

Check out the video below. The veterans in white t-shirts were those who traveled on the first Western Slope Honor Flight, those in green were on the third flight, while those in blue were on the fifth.

The individuals you see in yellow and red were "Guardians," individuals who paid their own way to the tune of $950.00, to serve as assistants on the flight. Some Guardians were medical professionals, while others were members of the media, and some were simply those who wanted to give back to the veterans from our greatest generation.

In the photo at top, the gentlemen at far right snapping a photo is Kevin Wodlinger, the founder of Western Slope Honor Flight. Wodlinger, a Vietnam vet, worked start to finish to make this dream a reality. It wasn't until this flight, the fifth, that he was able to join the crew for a trip to Washington DC.

Keep in mind, all five of these flights were funded by private donations from Western Colorado residents and businesses.

This Veterans Day, please take a moment to view the video and pay tribute to our World War II veterans.

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