We love our hikes in Western Colorado, but I'm not sure we have anything that compares to the daunting  Angels Landing hike in southwest Utah. This is one hike that is clearly for those who are brave enough, and those who dare.

It doesn't take a great physical specimen to conquer this five-mile round trip hike, but it does take someone with mental toughness to conquer the final half mile of the trek at the top.

Sheer drop-offs and amazing views are the risk/reward of doing the Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park. At the top, the path is rocky and narrow - and all you have to hold on to is a chain railing, provided for your safety and peace of mind. In the video, you can see the icy conditions - and you might be best served to wait until the ice is gone to attempt this trek.

It's going to be about a five-hour drive from Grand Junction to Angels Landing - almost to St. George, Utah.

If you suffer from a severe fear of heights, you probably will want to stick to Grand Junction's Audobon Trail or the Colorado Riverfront Trail. The views may not be quite as spectacular, but at least if you slip and fall, the ground is a whole lot closer.

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