Grand Junction is the perfect place for a winter hike.

Give me some sunshine and 34 degrees and I give you the perfect day for a winter hike in Grand Junction, thanks to the Riverfront Trail.

Starting out at the trailhead at 32 1/2 and D Road, it's .9 miles to Corn Lake. Along the way are ponds on the left and the right until the trail curves to the west to follow the path of the river. Some might choose to simply start at Corn Lake.

Once you get to Corn Lake you might find some die-hard fisherman braving the icy cold water and taking advantage of another day of sunshine on the western slope. Along the trail, you'll find occasional benches providing the opportunity to sit, rest, and enjoy the wonders of the nature around you.

From there, it's going to be just over three miles to 29 Road. On the trail, you'll pass some houses, cows, sheep, and if you are lucky a large gathering of geese. You're also likely to encounter some dog walkers and some bikers, though the winter traffic will be limited.

Returning to the  D Road trailhead, you will have traversed 8.6 miles, according to the Map My Walk app, and your body quite possibly will be suggesting that a five-mile hike would have been sufficient. However, I must say, it hurts so good.

We are extremely privileged to have such a great hiking resource as the riverfront trail. If you haven't yet experienced this section of the trail, be sure and put it on your winter hiking bucket list.

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