A 5-year-old Utah kid stole his parent's car to go buy a Lamborghini from California and was pulled over. Then someone decided to give the kid a ride in their Lambo.

5-year-old Adrian Zamarripa was set on driving to California to buy himself a Lamborghini. With three dollars in his pocket and his parents' SUV, Adrian hit the road. He was pulled over on the freeway for swerving and going 30 mph, according to KRDO.

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Adrian stole his parents' SUV after he had an argument with his mom, who told him that she wasn't going to buy a Lamborghini for him. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Someone with a Lamborghini saw Adrian's story and decided to give him a ride. According to KKCO, Jeremy Neeves gave Adrian a ride in his Lambo around the block while he sat on a family member's lap.

Jeremy says he's not encouraging kids to do illegal things and not encouraging bad behavior by giving Adrian a ride. According to KKCO, Jeremy says that he was inspired 'by the principles that he displayed of success, of knowing what he wants, going after it.'

Adrian was definitely determined to get himself a Lambo, to say the least. It's now up to the local prosecutor to decide whether they want to file charges against Adrian's parents, according to KKCO.

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