Recently we shared a story about a family in Erie, Colorado that 3-D printed a Lamborghini Aventador that looked, well, pretty cool.

Lamborghini saw what the Backus family was up to and decided to do something extraordinary. They flew all the way from Italy to Erie, Colorado and made them a part of their holiday ad.

Now, it's neat enough to have a Lamborghini you made yourself, and the car admittedly looks pretty cool, but when Lamborghini showed up, making them a part of their commercial wasn't all they surprised the family with.

Imagine it. An actual Aventador in your garage. And they got to keep it there for two weeks. Now, I don't know about you, but I would have spent every day in that garage, touching the car, looking at the car, wanting to drive the car.

But as far as cool factor is concerned, you could do a whole lot worse at the age of twelve to wake up Christmas morning to find your 3-D printed Lambo has been replaced by a real one.

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