Mean people suck. Like Luke Bryan says, "Most People Are Good" and I truly believe that. I have to for my own sanity. So many times you see and hear about some folks doing some crazy and downright mean things to others and it breaks my heart. It gets me pretty fired up too.

I remember what my mom and dad always taught me, if it doesn't belong to you, keep your hands to yourself. (Maybe a few other words mixed in there as well depending on the day.) Unfortunately, people like this either didn't get the same lessons or simply chose to not take those lessons to heart. The latter seems to be the case here.

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According to KDVR, UFC fighter Jordan Williams stopped at a gas station to grab a couple of things when a lurking thief thought it would be a good idea to steal Williams' car while it was still running. That wasn't a very smart choice.

Neither is leaving your car running while you go inside of a gas station but in this particular case, the UFC fighter's car has a pretty cool feature on it to stop things like it from happening.

If you're wondering WHY he left his car running, he explained in this Instagram post.

I'd say this would-be car thief got off pretty easy considering whose car he was messing with because this UFC fighter could have REALLY inflicted some serious pain on this guy and according to Colorado law, it would have been just fine.

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