Colorado is neighbor to two states with the rudest drivers and one with some of the friendliest drivers in the US.

The list compiled by put both Wyoming and Utah in the top 10 of states with the rudest drivers.

Wyoming, which came in fourth for rudest drivers also comes in second for the most fatalities involving trucks and SUV's. In 2012, the NHTSA reported Wyoming placed second only to North Dakota for the most highway fatalities per 100,000 people.

Utah came in tenth primarily because drivers in that state typically drive 5-15 miles over the speed limit as if they're in a race. Drivers in that state are notorious for failing to signal or let other motorists merge into traffic. The survey also found Utah drivers often ignore yield signs.

Colorado and our neighbor to the south, New Mexico, came in 21st and 22nd respectively. Kansas wasn't far behind placing 28th in the survey.

Nebraska, which borders Colorado on the north and east, placed eighth for the friendliest states for drivers.