A man drove a Jeep off 'haunted' Gold Camp Road near Colorado Springs.

Gold Camp Road is a scenic dirt and gravel road trail that travels from Colorado Springs to near Victor. At just under 9 miles it's easily passable for just about any vehicle. Originally built as a stretch of railroad, it's famous for the scenery and tunnels that are rumored to be haunted. It's listed on the Dangerous Roads website. A site containing "the world's most spectacular roads."

The road opened for traffic back in the 1920s. In 1988 one of the tunnels collapsed and was never repaired. A detour has since been built to bypass over it. When the tunnels were built back in the 1800s, several workers reportedly died during their construction. Many years ago there was supposedly a school bus accident. A suicidal bus driver crashed into an oncoming train. Legend has it that all the kids on the bus were killed. Many have reported hearing kids voices in the tunnels and some say they've seen apparitions of men in cloaks wandering inside the tunnels.

Apparently, It was the allure of this spooky road that compelled 28-year-old Keifer Tomlinson and his buddy Jason Reel to make the trip up to Gold Camp Road late Friday night. Keifer was driving the Jeep Wrangler when he lost control and went down and off the side of the road. The Jeep rolled over several times and finally came to rest at the bottom of a canyon. Both occupants did have on their seatbelts but were injured and transported to a local hospital. Colorado State Patrol reports that alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor in the cause of the crash.

Credit: KRDO

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