Here's a word of warning for I-70 travelers. Be on the lookout for a moose hanging out along the side of the highway.

The Colorado State Patrol says they are aware of a moose that has taken up temporary residence between Vail and Avon. The area is between two wildlife fences near the mile marker 171 eastbound exit. The moose has apparently been hanging out there for about a week.

For now, officials say the best thing they can do is leave the animal alone and hope it finds its way out of the area. It does not appear to be injured and doesn't pose a threat to anyone. There apparently is a wild-life off-ramp available, but so far the moose has not shown any interest in taking it.

A number of calls have been received by the Colorado State Patrol from people who have spotted the moose. They are aware of the animal's presence and Colorado Parks & Wildlife has reaffirmed the best course of action is to leave it alone.

While it's not particularly common to see wildlife on Interstate 70 or even close to the road for that matter, you never know when something might pop up. The best course of action is to always stay alert and expect the unexpected when traveling the interstate.

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