In a time where it feels like we are hearing so much negativity, it is nice to report some news that isn't about a business closing. There is a Grand Junction business owner that is combining two businesses into one new location on North Avenue in Grand Junction.

Good Deal Thrift Store had been at 1563 US-50 on Orchard Mesa, and R&R Discount Car Audio is still occupying 752 North Avenue in Grand Junction. But the business owners are joining the two and they'll soon both be located at 1320 North Avenue in Grand Junction.

After speaking with the store owner of Good Deal Thrift Shop I was told they are excited about their grand opening today. Her husband runs the car audio business and they are still open through their location at 752 North Ave., but will be moving those operations together soon.

Check out their new store.

Grand Junction Thrift Store in New Location

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