The City of Grand Junction surprised us with a little pop quiz, and the answer to the question is surprising.

Would you like to take this little quizipoo (that's what my junior high science teacher used to call them)? Here you go: QUESTION: How many street signs will you find within Grand Junction city limits?

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Who's Asking?

This pop quiz comes courtesy of the City of Grand Junction official Facebook page. If you're not following the page, it might pay you to start.

What Constitutes a "Street Sign"?

For the purpose of this pop quiz, a street sign could be one of the following:

  • one way sign
  • stop sign
  • street name
  • etc, etc.... pretty much any street sign

Before We Get to the Answer, Here's a Fun Fact About Street Signs

Did you know, in the Grand Junction area, a blue street sign means you're in the city, and a green street sign means you're in Mesa County? I guess I knew that, but probably never really stopped to consider it.

The Answer May Surprise You

According to the City of Grand Junction's official Facebook page, our city has over 25,000 street signs. Wow!

Think about that for a moment. That's 25,000 plus signs that have to be fabricated, placed, and maintained. From time to time I see the guy in the City of Grand Junction truck going around and tightening the signs. After a handful of windy days like we've just had, that city employee is gong to be busy.

There you have it - the City of Grand Junction includes over 25,000 street signs in every size and shape under the rainbow. While it is unlikely this will ever come up as a Jeopardy question, it is an interesting fact to ponder.

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