Make a call on a cell phone?? Seriously?  Nowadays, we are doing a lot more with our cell phones than we used to, and making calls isn't even that high on the list of top 10 uses for a cell phone.

Yes, it's true. Making a call on a cell phone almost seems like an afterthought because our phones do so much more. A new survey asked people how they are using their cell phones, and making calls only came in 6th.

According to UPI, here's the top 10 things we are doing with our cell phones.

  1. Sending texts
  2. Receiving texts
  3. Reading email
  4. Surfing the internet
  5. Using it as an alarm clock
  6. Making Calls
  7. Sending emails
  8. Checking the time
  9. Using the calculator
  10. Checking Facebook

Clearly, we are largely using our cell phones to communicate - but not so much in the traditional way. Now, we generally would rather just send a text than call.  And, we are using our phones now for much more than just making me calls.

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