It is slightly possible you will never have a pet giraffe, but just in case it should happen, I've got some great names for your long-necked tree-trimmer.

I can't explain why, but, recently I asked our Facebook followers what they would name their pet giraffe if the could have one in their backyard. Well, I got a lot of great response, and I want to applaud all of the good sports who played along.

Those that remember Hugo, the Abominable Snowman, will appreciate Dale's suggestion.

I'm not positive, but, Rose seems to be going with more of a native American theme.

Rick has a great name for his pet giraffe, especially if it happens to enjoy 1950s Rock and Roll.

Here are some of the other names suggested by our Facebook friends for future pet giraffes in Grand Junction.

* Little Foot
* Cool Neck Luke
* Cedrick
* Tiny
* Too Tall
* Tree
* Bill
* Stretch
* Spot
* Gerafatop
* Shorty
* Neckzilla
* Camelopard
* Alexander
* Gefroee

Thanks for all the contributions, which will put all of our minds at ease. One less thing to worry about the next time we bring a pet giraffe home. Now, all we have to worry about is what to do if that pet giraffe happens to get a sore throat.

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