There are a lot of countries that manufacture cars, but one country is way ahead of the rest when it comes to automobiles rolling off of the assembly line each year.

The Top 5 of Everything using statistics supplied by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers found the US in the top five, but not even close to the number one country who, in 2014, manufactured almost five times as many cars as the US.

Here are the Top Five Automobile Manufacturing Countries based on 2014 production. The numbers do not include commercial vehicles.

  1. China - 19.9 million
  2. Japan - 8.3 million
  3. Germany - 5.6 million
  4. United States - 4.3 million
  5. South Korea - 4.1 million

Because we don't typically import cars from China, it's hard to think of that country as a major manufacturer of automobiles.

Even more surprising is auto production in China is only about two million cars less than the rest of the countries in the top five combined.

So far in 2015, China is still the top car producing country in the world with the remainder of the top five looking to be the same as 2014. So, it looks like this list may just repeat itself this year.