If you grew up in the 1960s and 1970s you probably have memories of the the 8-track tape. Some of those memories were good and others left you wondering why this tape, so prone to failure, was popular.

The idea of having an entire album on tape, enclosed in a practically indestructible hard plastic shell and completely portable made perfect sense.

The problem wasn't the case, but the inner workings and failings associated with an endless loop tape and a player with a moving playback head.

You probably remember seeing 8-tracks with the tape strewn out all over on the side of the road, left there by frustrated people whose player 'ate the tape'.

If you're like me, when cassettes became available, you went out and spent money on a new player and a bunch of cassette tapes of the same albums you had on 8-track and banished the 8-track to the thrift store, trash or buried in the closet somewhere.

The closet is exactly where I found this old 8-track player/recorder and an Eagles 'Greatest Hits' tape for this throwback video. Ah, the good old days.