Easter is almost here and soon enough, Easter egg hunts will be happening in your backyard. For the holiday, it is always a tradition to pick up your favorite treats for the family. Your family may be lovers of malted eggs, peeps or my personal favorite, the Cadbury Creme Egg.

Credit: Zippia
Credit: Zippia

Overall, Coloradans seem not to prefer candy when it comes to their Easter treats. Believe it or not, the favorite Easter treat for Colorado residents is none other than the hard-boiled egg. Whether decorated or just a plain white egg, this is what Coloradans prefer, according to Zippia.com.

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A total of 14 states prefer hard-boiled eggs over candy for Easter. Eight states love their peeps. Jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, caramel eggs and chocolate bunnies finish out the list of most favorite candy by state. What I do find weird, though, is that not a single state prefers the peanut butter egg. Weird, right?

Zippia compiled this list using Google Trends to find each state's favorite Easter treat by state. Since we're in Colorado, I better step up my hard-boiled egg game. I can't ever seem to make that perfect hard-boiled egg. I always have issues when it comes to peeling them.

Source: Zippia 

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