It seems like we have always had Breakfast With Santa events, so, of course, we have to have Breakfast With the Easter Bunny.

My initial thought in regards to eating with a rabbit is a meal of carrots, lettuce, and maybe some tasty pellets. However, I have discovered that is not how the Easter Bunny eats.

It turns out the Easter Bunny loves pancakes and he likes to share with all the good little boys and girls. So, coming up on Saturday, April 6, the Easter Bunny will be inviting children to a special breakfast at the Mesa Mall Food Court.

Breakfast is being served by IHOP, which leads my deductive mind to think the menu includes pancakes. Kids will enjoy some other goodies and fun with the Easter Bunny starting at 9:00 am.

Oh, yes, the last tidbit of information is that this is a free event. We know kids love pancakes and they love the Easter Bunny, so this is sounding more and more like a must-attend Grand Junction event.

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