There is something special about the Yin Yang platform on western Colorado's Rim Trail.

The platform is located on Snowmass Village's Rim Trail South with majestic views of the surrounding mountains, Mt. Daly, and a big chunk of the Snowmass Ski Area. It really is an amazing view. People come here to Spiral Point to rest, relax, reflect, meditate -- and take amazing photos.

The Story Behind the Yin Yang Platform at Snowmass

According to the Aspen Sojourner, it was in the early 1900s when Stark King, a lawyer and poet, and member of the Snowmass Village trails committee, had the idea of enhancing "extraordinary" locations on already existing trails. This particular spot, located about 1 1/2 miles up the Rim Trail was identified as one of those locations.

Unfortunately, Mr. King got sick and died of pancreatic cancer nine months later. A group of community members wanted to complete the project so they worked together to raise funds, supervised the cutting of the granite - then figure out how to get everything up to the site.

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Sacred Spot On the Mountain

The multi-colored platform when it was finished had a yin-yang in the center. Nearby, you'll find a rock featuring a poem etched by King. Little did he know the impact his vision - and his words- would have on the local community and Colorado hikers and how he would be remembered for years to come.

The Yin-Yang platform on the Rim Trail has become a popular place for weddings and engagements, and a favorite spot for people to come and reflect as they gaze out across the mountainous landscape. It feels like a sacred place -especially to those in the local community.

Rim Trail South Hike to Yin-Yang At Snowmass

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