Do you ever wish your pet could talk?

There's one thing all pet owners have in common. We all talk to our pets. And the one thing all pets have in common is they don't talk to us - at least not in a language we can understand.

Every pet owner has a relationship with their pet which involves some two-way communication. We say things like sit, stay, come, and fetch. Our dogs have been trained and conditioned to respond to those basic commands. Cats may respond to the sound of the can opener or the lure of a ball of yarn. That's about it.

But, then we tend to go beyond the basic dog talk and we start talking to them as if they were a kid who can understand every word we say. "Are you ready for some dinner?" "Are you hungry?" " Bye, baby, see you tonight when I get home. Be a good doggie today." "You're such a good kitty!"

I talk to my dog all the time. I tell her where I'm going and when I'll be home. I love on her constantly and say "I love you" countless times a day. Does she even have a clue what I'm saying? Of course not, but she can always tell by the tone of my voice if I'm leaving her home alone for a while, or how happy I am to see her at the end of the day.

But, what if dogs and cats could talk? What if we had the opportunity to ask our pet one question and get an actual response, what would we ask? I posed the question on Facebook recently and got some great response from pet owners.

We'll keep talking to our pets and we'll keep asking them those questions we would like answered. Chances are, the only response will continue to get is 'woof' and 'meow.' If you get something different from your pet be sure and let me know.

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