The Dragon Man, Mel Bernstein, owns 3,000 weapons including machine guns, bombs, and a tank. He is known as "the most armed man in America."

The Dragon Man, Mel Bernstein lives in El Paso County, Colorado. He has anything from machine guns to flame throwing motorcycles. 260 acres make up what he calls the Dragon Land. This makes for a lot of space for his stuff, and he's got a lot of it.

Protecting yourself is cool, but sleeping in a room surrounded by guns is pretty crazy. When you wake up, make sure to not run into the machine gun mounted at the foot of your bed.

The Dragon Man owns 88 vehicles. "All of my vehicles have live machine guns on them," he said. His Vietnam era Jeep is equipped with an M-60 and an M-2. He also owns an 80,000-pound Russian tank which is "fully operational and ready to go."

The Dragon man has "weapons so big I (SIC) can't even shoot them." His collection includes heavy artillery, hundreds of hand grenades, assorted landmines, uniforms, and cyanide. Of course, he needs ammo for his weapons, his floor looks like it's covered in bullets. Since the weapons are not government owned, they are functional.

The Dragon Man has almost 200 machine guns, samurai swords, and a Nazi gun buckle. The buckle was worn by officers guarding Hitler, it's one of 100. A 1,000-pound bomb in located in one of his military rooms. He has all kinds of different bombs. The Dragon Man has a room for every major country that was in a war with the U.S.

Along with his extensive collection and military museum, he owns Dragonman's gun store in Colorado Springs, Colo., too. The store has all kinds of guns (of course), a shooting range, paintball field, and motorcycle machine shop.

If a zombie apocalypse ever happens, I'm going to Dragon Land.

Source: The Sun

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