Mike Rowe is known for performing various dirty jobs on the Discovery Channel for eight seasons and definitely won't forget the dirty job he did in Craig, Colorado.

Perhaps you've seen Mike Rowe on the show 'Dirty Jobs" that ran from 2003-2012, and maybe you have seen him on television as a pitchman for products like Ford trucks, Lee jeans, and Viva paper towels.

The show 'Dirty Jobs' was extremely popular as Mike would travel the country serving as an 'apprentice" and spending one day learning and doing some of the most awful jobs imaginable.

A number of years ago, Mike and his crew traveled to Craig where he would be a sheepherder for a day. Doesn't sound like too bad of a job, right? At least not until you discover the job involves the castration of sheep.

In the video above, Mike shares the story of how he learned how to castrate sheep, using a knife -- and his mouth! Of course, there was a lot more to herding sheep than that, but, well, you just need to hear him tell the story.  Below you can watch some of Mike's experiences as a sheepherder.

One thing is certain -Mike Rowe will never ever forget his visit to Craig, Colorado and the day he castrated a lamb.

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