If you are a mac & cheese lover, you have to know about Mac Nation.

Mac Nation is a restaurant in the tiny town of Indian Hills, just west of Denver. The restaurant is known for offering 42 different varieties of mac & cheese.

According to the owner, Alta, the original idea for Mac Nation was a mac & cheese food truck, but the building at their current location came up for lease and they decided that would be a good place to start. The specialty restaurant has now been open for more than 4 years.

If you're like me, most, if not all the macaroni and cheese you've eaten in your life has had two ingredients - macaroni and cheese. At Mac Nation, those ingredients are just the beginning and provide the foundation for their unique dishes.

The menu includes mac and cheese dishes based on the cuisine of various states across the country. The Colorado mac & cheese is the Pork Green Chili Mac. They even have a Bronco Mac & Cheese featuring buffalo chicken and bleu cheese. The Texas Mac features BBQ chicken and bacon.

If you prefer something more traditional, the House Mac is just cheese.

If you want to experience Mac Nation the next time you are in the Indian Hills area, the restaurant is open 10am-7pm Wednesday thru Sunday.

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