Pancakes are fantastic at any time of the day, most people associate them with breakfast but they also can be a delicious dinner option. But when you're craving pancakes which restaurant do you believe has the best?

This morning I spent way too much time walking around the radio station asking all of my coworkers where they believe has the best pancakes and here were the suggestions that were given to me.

  • Pufferbelly - 337 1st St. in Grand Junction
  • Randy's Southside Diner - 2430 North Ave. in Grand Junction
  • Dream Cafe - 314 Main St. in Grand Junction
  • IHOP - 2420 Highway 6 & 50 in Grand Junction
  • Denny's - 710 Horizon drive in Grand Junction

We also had a plug for Old Man Grill but that was specifically talking about waffles, not pancakes.

Now when I search Yelp! Here were the top 5 suggestions there.

  • Dream Cafe - 314 Main St. in Grand Junction
  • Spoons Bistro & Bakery - 3090 N 12th St. in Grand Junction
  • First Watch - 120 W Park Dr. #107 in Grand Junction
  • Village Inn - 1910 North Ave. in Grand Junction
  • Pufferbelly - 337 1st St. in Grand Junction

After looking around at all of these delicious options for pancakes I have put together another list that I want to visit to see how great their pancakes are which include.

  • Berna B's - 2913 F Rd #101 in Grand Junction
  • Main Street Cafe - 504 Main St. in Grand Junction
  • Starvin' Arvin's - 555 Raptor Rd #3 in Fruita
  • Mary's Cafe - 230 Lynwood St. Suits G&H in Grand Junction
  • Camilla's Kaffe - 206 E Aspen St. in Fruita

Looks like I need to go on a pancake tasting tour and after my conquest, I will be happy to report my findings back to you.

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