A couple from Texas came to Colorado to make some unforgettable memories, and that's exactly what they did. They hiked a Colorado mountain together for a marriage proposal and were rescued together after they got lost.

This past Saturday (September 27) Joshua Mason wanted to propose to his girlfriend Katie Davis, on the Continental Divide. They flew all the way Texas for the special moment.

They hiked Jasper Peak, which was over 8 miles long and has a 3,000 elevation gain, according to KDVR. Jasper Creek is almost 13,000 feet high and the place for Joshua's proposal to Katie. He surprised her along the trail and proposed to her -- and she said yes.

Their very happy moment took a very scary turn. The couple from Texas got lost after it got dark as the trail is not clearly marked, according to a mountain deputy from Boulder County Sherrif's Office.

The Texas couple didn't have enough water, food, or clothes and had altitude sickness. The couple screamed for help and thankfully, they were rescued by nearby campers.

This is a day that both of them will never, ever forget. They hike together, get lost and get rescued together -- they're in this crazy life together now. (And yes, they're still engaged.)

It's important to always be prepared while hiking. Make sure you give yourself enough time to make the hike and that's you've got enough supplies.

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