This teen girl's driving is so terrible she makes her driving instructors nervous. That nervousness turns to fear when the girl suddenly hits the accelerator and races around seemingly out of control.

What the instructors didn't know is this timid teen is actually Leona Chin, a professional driver and expert motorsport drifter from Malaysia.

This prank was the idea of the driving school as a way of initiating their new instructors. I guess they figured if the instructors survived this ride and didn't quit their first day on the job, they'd be ready for any driving situation, especially the bad ones.

Give Chin credit for being so believable as a terrible student driver. She had all the instructors convinced she was so bad that when she intentionally started drifting the car, they were sure she was out of control and would ultimately crash.

In the end, after the instructors were informed they were riding with a real pro, they seemed to think the ride wasn't so bad after all.


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