If you're not a car lover, you may be unaware of the significance of the McLaren F1 GTR. That certainly doesn't mean you can't enjoy this video -- no matter what you know, it's still two supercars doing supercar things -- but it might help give it a bit of context.

Twenty years ago, the McLaren F1 GTR was introduced. (The "GTR" part basically means "race car made specifically for racing" as opposed to something you can drive around town.) The automotive beast blew away the competition at the 1995 Le Mans, winning the race and claiming four of the top five overall finishes. It was domination.

Two decades later, the English automaker is now set to release the latest edition of the GTR, the P1. And to celebrate its launch, they paired it up on the racetrack with its original inspiration, the F1. It's quite pretty to watch, sort of like seeing a Hall of Fame quarterback tossing the ball around with this year's No. 1 draft pick.

The upcoming Le Mans races look like it'll have some stellar new competitors, with the all-new P1 joining the Ford GT, which we took a look at a few weeks back.

Our only issue with the above video is, couldn't they have filmed it on a nicer, non-cloudy day? You know, like when the sun was out? Come on, England.

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