I know that sounds impossible, but when you put your mind and imagination to it, there's no telling how much fun you can have. For example, have a different themed night. Make Sunday movie night for example. But that's not even one of our top ten.

Make a Journal

How many times have you said; " I wish I would have written that down"?

Probably more times than you can remember which is why, especially now, you'll want to get as much down as you can. Statistics, things that happened, how you feel about it, all those are things you can put into your journal. And 20 years from now, (or however long it is for you) you can show it to kids, grandkids, movie producers, or just keep it for yourself as a reminder of times like these. And you can make another project to decorate it in your own distinct style.

Write a song or a Poem

You could write the next great hit song or prize-winning poem! All of the emotions running right now, and so much subject matter, you could be on your way!

Or you could just spend some time rhyming life for your own enjoyment. The time will surely pass quicker than you realize.

Learn a Foreign Language

Like Klingon, for example. (Not kidding, you can learn Klingon)

Or any language you've ever wanted to learn. Before you probably lacked the time, but now, go ahead and do it.

Read an Epic Novel

Sit down and read one of those thick novels you've always wanted to read. With so many to choose from you would be able to completely avoid "The Stand". Not that it's like what's going on right now, of course.

Turn Your House Into a Fort

This is probably the best one of all if you ask me. Get as much cardboard as you can, maybe from the boxes you hoard in case you have to move again. (Or is that just me?) Get all the couch pillows, throw pillows, blankets, and sheets you can and turn your home into your very own Camelot. Don't forget the videos and pictures!

Go to an Aquarium

Not like pack up the van and go, but there are aquariums that have webcams that allow you to watch all sorts of interesting animals. I lost two hours here myself. It is fascinating. While you're at it, go to a zoo, too. There are many with webcams as well.

Bake Something

Any recipes you've always wanted to try? There's no better time than this to make those cookies or bake that cake you've always wanted to. Get creative and let the kids decorate your creation.

Train Your Dog

There are many helpful videos you can find on how best to train your dog. Know what you want and be prepared to have a lot of patience. But you will be rewarded with an obedient dog.

Home Improvement Projects

All DIY'ers know the one thing you need more than anything else on those projects is time, and now you have some. Get the kids together and let them help. Even if it's to just make sure all the screws in the house are tightened can be a great way to pass the time.

Have Video Game Tournaments

No matter what console you have, video game tournaments are fun. Even adults will want to get in on the action. And if you play online, you can be the best in the world!

Share your list with us and let's help each other get through this.

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