#TBT to 1966, when Colorado State University was building a new on-campus gym, which would host sporting events, graduations and superstars.

Below is what the area looked like, as it was built from the inside out. Three years later, The Rolling Stones would play the first show of their tour at 'Moby' Gymnasium (which was just a nickname at the time, because it looks like a whale).

That's right, not everyone gets to graduate in the same room that Mick Jagger performed in (and heavily damaged), along with Steve Miller Band, Beach Boys, Dave Matthews, Ludacris — oh, and Yellowcard — to name just a few. The 1977 film One on One was also filmed at what is now officially named 'Moby Arena.'

While fans and family haven't filled the stands for much of the last year, you can cheer on the Rams from home, and follow the action on Power 102.9. On Friday, January 29, CSU Men's Basketball will take on Boise State at Moby in the Mountain West battle.

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