Logan, the Washington State puppy that was to get life-saving heart surgery in Colorado passed away during that surgery.

Colorado State University confirmed the dog had three defects repaired in his heart but was not able to survive when they removed him from the heart-lung machine.

The veterinarians at C.S.U. released this statement:

The cardiology team is very sorry to share that Logan did not survive his heart surgery.

Three heart defects were repaired through a combination of catheter-based techniques and open-heart surgery. Unfortunately, at the end of surgery Logan was unable to be removed from the heart-lung machine. He died during one final attempt to come off the heart-lung machine.

We extend our sympathies to Rescued Hearts Northwest, his foster families and everybody around the world involved in supporting him.

The infatuation with Logan began when it was discovered he had several heart defects and the caretakers put together a "bucket list" for the dog which had him swimming with friends and all kinds of fun activities.

Good boy, Logan. Rest easy.

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