A high school student is a hero for saving his friend's life while cameras rolled.

Ian Brown performed the Heimlich maneuver on classmate Will Olson after Olson began choking on a cheese curd during lunch Wednesday at Central High School in La Cross, Wisc.

Friends at the table had initially thought Olson was kidding around before they realized the gravity of the matter. In the video, you can see Brown come to the rescue while never getting flustered by the situation.

Brown, who learned the move from a police program, was focused on the task at hand. "I said you know I’d rather have you bruised and banged up than have you dead," he said. "I said that that was my number one thing, is that I’m either going to break some ribs or I’m going to hurt you somewhere else but at least you're going to be alive to tell about it."

As for Olson, well, he's grateful for Brown. "He had the training no one else did, and I was just really really lucky he was there at the time."

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