The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would allow the state to automatically register voters without their consent.

Senate Bill 19-235 provides the state the authority to automatically register to vote any person who applies for or renews a drivers license, or applies for Medicaid.

Under provisions of the bill, the county clerk would have to send a notice to the person notifying them they have been registered to vote. The person would have 20 days to respond or decline and if they do not respond they are automatically registered to vote.

Sure, voting is the right and responsibility of each and every citizen, and everyone should vote. But, this is a free country, where people have the right not to vote if they so choose and a right to not register.

I love the idea of people having the option to register to vote when they renew their driver's license, but to impose mandatory registration on citizens feels like way too much governmental control.

Perhaps a bigger issue is what about non-citizens who get registered to vote. The state of Colorado has already given non-citizens the opportunity to obtain a drivers license - are we now going to have a state full of illegal voters on top of the fact that our votes aren't even going to matter in the presidential election?

This bill is being sponsored by Senators Stephen Fenberg and Jessie Danielson, and Representative  Daneya Esgar.

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